Every year, there are approximately 4,400 Canadians waiting for a lifesaving organ or tissue transplant. Not everyone in need of a vital organ receives a transplant. In fact, on average, 250 Canadians die each year waiting. These are real stories by courageous people who long for the day when no one in Canada dies waiting for a transplant.


Real stories told by real people

The Decision

This powerful film was made to honour a young girl who died waiting for a heart transplant and to bring awareness to organ and

Logan’s story

Logan Boulet made the decision to be an organ donor just weeks before his passing in the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in April 2018. Logan was inspired to register his decision to donate by his coach and mentor, Ric Suggit, who had died in 2017, and was an organ donor. After registering his decision to become an organ donor, Logan took the wise and necessary step of sharing his decision with his parents.

Pat's Story

Pat Loder tells the story of her family's decision to donate their son Jeff's organs after he tragically passed away in 2016. She

Duc's Story

Duc knows what it’s like to wait. For three years, he’s been waiting for a kidney transplant – his second. Although advances are

Julianne’s story

Julianne was just a baby when her parents were informed that she needed a heart transplant. Julianne’s family are forever thankful

Cyndi’s story

Cyndi decided to be a living kidney donor because it was something she felt she needed to do to impact someone else’s life. She

Jamie's Story

Jamie was diagnosed with Lymphoma as a child. As a result of the amount of chemotherapy he received, his heart was damaged. At the

Graeme's Story

Graeme received his first kidney from his mother. Then, when he was in grade 10, he found out that he would not only need another

Josh's Story

Josh fractured his skull while skateboarding. Following the news of the lack of brain activity, Josh’s family was approached to

Randeep's Story

Randeep was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He was on dialysis for a year, and reached out to his community with hopes of

Mackenzy's Story

Several years ago, when three-year-old Mackenzy passed away due to a severe head injury, her parents donated her organs, and their